Photographs. Sort of.

Art is a way of Loving
All work is art


What, do

I have no idea. If I did, I would probably not be doing it. 

a :   … mostly wordy ruminations.
q :   Can images be ruminations?
a :   like erosion.

It is possible that the purpose of this website is the exercise of two forms of mediation: words and images. The twain interacting, as compliments, as counterpoints, as antitheses, as characters in an argument and as dancers.
Both being simultaneously the medium and traps.  

It is entirely possible that this is not the case at all. The above may be pure dissimilation. It is hard for one to say definitively.

For example, it is also generally true that the common character of the gathered expression is one of wonder at the experience of life. The more likely those experiences are to go unnoticed in our public discourse, the more likely to find them here.

In that sense the work here is a counterweight against the currents that sweep us through each day … an anchor set to wrest the self, lest it escape or dissolve in the jetsam and dross of our public lives.