University of Arizona,B.F.A., Photography,  2010 .
University of Colorado Boulder, M.S.  Engineering Management, 2021.

I am both a Brazilian and an American
(which makes me precisely neither).
Raised in Brazil, educated in the United States.
I now live in  Colorado .

After completing my undergraduate degree I had the privilege of working with Frank Gohlke  over the course of several years as his archive manager.

I now work with the University of Colorado Boulder, serving as the Deputy Building Official. I contribute to improved quality, safety and functioning of spaces serving tens of thousands of present and future users in pursuit of a better world. A university is a living thing, it has a body, as well as a heart and mind. My colleagues and I tend to the hearts and minds by supporting the health of the body.  

I think of myself as a construction midwife. My focus is on amplifying the culture of knowledge in the field: knowledge of what is desired, designed, and how it is to be delivered. This work is performative and relationship based, relying as much on intuition as it does on tradecraft.

I believe that all forms of work are forms of art. Work takes on art everywhere one engages with imagination and creativity and intuition; art takes work to become more than pabulum. 

I maintain my artistic practice. It is part of how I encounter the world, solve problems, make connections with other people, and make meaning in life. The edge between art and pragmatism is not as crisp as most would have you believe.  

In proportion to power attained, comes an imperative towards compassion.

– B.Powell

– Photograph: Noah & Rh. Monterey Beach, CA. 2017. by Roxanne Huber.